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Mr. Shafayat Ullah

Mr. Ullah is conspicuously distinguishable from many others by his personality, prudence and presence of mind. Having been nurtured in an accomplished family and groomed in one of the top schools and colleges in Dhaka, Mr. Ullah excelled in the academic front, paving his way for the wider horizon of professionalism. Besides, being all through at the top tier during his early years of academic progression, he was the first Bangladeshi student to be awarded the University of London Academic Achievement Award by Princess Anne Royale, the Chancellor of the University.

As a beginner in the practical law regime, Mr. Ullah started his career with Farooq and Associates, and had the opportunity of being in close association of Late Mr. Mohammad Ozair Farooq, Senior Advocate, an eminent lawyer and jurist. He exhibited excellence and was quickly elevated to become a senior member of the chambers with highly responsible assignments.

Mr. Ullah is a pragmatic lawyer and is keen in reaching a client’s level of comfort quickly. He brings an academic, yet driving and executive approach to his work, with sources appreciating his ability to deal smoothly and efficiently with demanding clients. He is known for his outstanding presentation skills both in and out of courtroom. Mr. Ullah is lauded for his extra ordinary techniques of extracting the best possible officious remedy for the client and his ability to think out of the precariously stereotype frame of legal domain.

Mr. Ullah is an expert in most commercial legal matters such as Commercial Disputes, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Corporate Finance, Taxation, Banking and Financial Institutions and other in-house commercial and non-commercial legal documentation. Mr. Ullah obtained various National and International trainings on International Commercial Mediation and Arbitration. He is also actively involved in various Commercial Mediation and Arbitration as well.


Mr. Yasin Patel



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