we advise clients on all aspects of commercial and financial transactions and negotiations including foreign and local investments in Bangladesh; distribution; agency; terms and conditions of business; partnerships; industrial relations; and employment.

Company law

we provide advice to private and public companies in all phases of business development and continuation, including local and off-shore company incorporations; company secretarial services; preparation of annual company reports; organisational documentation; mergers; joint ventures; acquisitions & disposals; privatisation; and public flotations.


professional services offered to our clients encompass a broad range of banking-related matters such as security documentation and structuring debt equity arrangements.


we provide legal services on acquisition and disposal of premises, secured lending, purchase and sale of investment property, environmental law, landlord and tenant issues (including drafting lease agreements), and services for property managers.


we manage construction contract documentation and conduct contract negotiations between architects, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers. The Chamber represents owners, developers and contractors in all phases of development of hotels and residential and commercial premises.

Investment Business and Financial Services

we act as independent financial advisers and this provides an additional service to clients. We can carry out investment and portfolio planning (including stocks, shares, bonds, gilts, deposit accounts) as well as insurance business (including life insurance, regular savings plans) and employee benefits planning (including employee benefits and medical insurance).

Bankruptcy and Liquidation

we offer advice, planning, re-structuring and litigation strategy in order to fully address client needs in personal bankruptcy and corporate insolvency matters.

Maritime and Admiralty Law

we offer comprehensive legal advice and other legal services on international maritime law and admiralty law in Bangladesh focusing on collision, arrest of ships and other relevant legal areas.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

our approach to litigation recognises that strategy, negotiating ability and a commercial approach are as important as legal skills. We therefore view our role of dispute resolution in the widest sense.

New and Developing Areas of Bangladeshi Law

the Bangladeshi legal framework is in its development stage and legislation/regulations are being regularly introduced in a number of new areas. Our lawyers are able to advise on all such areas including Intellectual Property and Copyright Law, Employment Law, and Revenue Law.


the Law Firm has experience and associations with number of law firms overseas in order to be able to advise on the laws of England and India.

Sports Law

The Law Firm has experience to deal with different sports related matters Details